• A simple and easy to use interface for reading your favorite book
  • Cozy reading space
  • Supports the ePUB file format

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  • Vive Wave
  • Samsung Gear VR for Note 4
  • Gear VR for S6
  • Consumer Gear VR
  • Additional platforms coming soon


  • Adding books: Chimera Reader will automatically find any ePUB books on your device and include them in your library

Hand gesture 09 Swipe Up: Open menu
Hand gesture 10 Swipe Down: Close menu
Hand gesture 01 Tap: Select menu items
Hand gesture 05 Swipe Left/Right: Turn Page
Controller a A Button: Page Forward
Controller b B Button: Page Back
Controller ls Left Thumbstick: Move Book Forwards/Back


Chimera Reader was designed to be a modern multimedia tool. VR headsets already have awesome support for video content, games, and even immersive audio; but there is little ability to experience the awesome world of books. We were immediately drawn to the idea of a private, personal library as a space to read - VR is, after all, a fantastic way to get away.

As amazing as devices like the Kindle are for making reading material accessible, they are unable to help block out the distractions of everyday life. We see the portable VR headsets as a doorway into a private realm, where users can go to really focus on the content at hand - in this case, books. We're excited by the potential that an app like this has for recreation, but also for students and researchers who might want an easy way to dive into their reading material. In the end, we see Chimera Reader as the first step towards enabling virtual reading in our everyday lives.

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